As promised, here are a few pictures taken with a good camera. (My photography skills should improve as this blog continues to grow!)

Bear is still having a lot of barking problems at night. We resorted to buying him some calming treats for bedtime, which seemed to help him -- and us -- get through the night. This is obviously not going to be a permanent solution, but is a necessary evil if we're going to get any sleep in the next few weeks while his crate training continues! (Thankfully, I ran into the other neighbor today, and she said she hasn't heard a peep from him. Phew!)

In the meantime, we're moving his crate into whatever room we're in (as opposed to just leaving it/him in the bedroom) with the hopes he'll be comforted and, thus, stay (relatively) quiet.

(Update: We moved the crate into the living room, which is where I'm blogging from. He's being just as loud -- if not louder, actually -- than he was in the bedroom.)

(Update #2: He calmed down pretty quickly. Here's hoping this works!)