escape artist

Notice anything unusual about this picture?

In case you missed it, Bear's crate door is padlocked. It turns out that his antsy crate-shaking antics allow him to escape. He's done this twice -- once with each door -- and Mike decided to lock him in from both sides. Thankfully, he's becoming more at ease with the crate and probably won't need the locks in the future.

Also, I wanted to quickly clarify what the purpose of this blog is after recent comments from a family member. Bear's Big Adventures is primarily a fun blog for sharing pictures of Bear, but it is also meant to let potential puppy owners in on our experiences as well as to keep interested parties 'in the loop' about Bear's progress. (He has a lot of fans!)

Also, this blog is a welcome break from novel-writing in that it allows me to explore a new style of writing; in particular, the up-beat blogger banter that I've grown to appreciate as a reader. Additionally, I don't feel a mature writing style is necessary or appropriate for a  blog about a goofy little puppy. (What I really enjoy about this blog is that it's an informal space for me to spread some cheer, and I do intend to keep it that way! If I try to make this blog something it isn't, I'm going to get burned out.)