No, he didn't fatten up. It's just a weird angle!
We took Bear out with us to get Subway tonight. As we passed by Dairy Queen, the girls behind the counter saw him and started pointing and giggling. Naturally, I held him up so they could get a better look. It was hilarious. I ended up going in and ordering something because I had the misfortune of seeing the delectable menu in the midst of it all.

As usual, Bear's been getting a lot of attention from strangers! Nearly every single one has commented on his unusual coloring. He's still shy about the attention, which is odd given his new-found penchant for lunging at people. His manners are lacking, but he's cute. He can totally get away with it in public!

I'm about to re-release a novel, hence my lack of posts. Still, I'm trying to get back in the habit of taking pictures of Bear in the morning when there's ample natural light. It was really fun to take and edit all those pictures, and I miss it!

(P.S. Bear was seven pounds the last time we weighed him!)