together : the beginning

Mike and I adopted Bear from Kathee of Mystical Pomeranians on August 9th, 2012. We'd been searching for a pomeranian for MONTHS, and I was feeling down on my luck and wanted to give up. However, I saw this little puffball on Kathee's website and gave her a call to see if he was still available, and sure enough, he was. Mike and I made the three hour drive to meet him, and we fell in love. He was shy, but such a little sweetheart. We couldn't say no.

The first day, he was utterly petrified. He wouldn't walk anywhere, and his tail was between his legs (or at least as between the legs as a pomeranian tail can get!). On the second day, however, he turned into a little hyperactive monster who demanded our attention from 1:30-3:30 AM with his little squeals and yips. He proceeded to wake us up promptly at 6 AM as Kathee warned us he would. Suffice it to say that Mike and I didn't sleep much that night! (Still, how could we get mad? He's so dang cute!)

His midnight crazies have died down a little in the days since that second night (AKA two nights), and we hope to have him waking up on our schedule (AKA 10 AM).

A lot of people love Bear and ask a lot of questions about him on the street and through the internet, so I did the most logical thing a computer savvy/insane puppy owner could do and made a blog to showcase his weird little faces and habits for the world to see, because hey, let's face it -- he's cute and cute animals turn bad days into good days.

Welcome to Bear's blog!

Name: Bear
Breed: Blue Merle Parti Pomeranian
Age: Three months old
Potty trained? Pad trained
Can I pet him? Yes, but he's shy!
Are you getting him neutered? Yes!