silly faces

My desktop has been cluttered with pom pictures, so now that I'm back home and done with vacationing, I feel obligated to clean the thing up and get back to work. In doing so, I came across this picture I'd set aside from a little Photobooth shoot. (So, um, I obviously just had to share it with you all.) He makes faces like this ALL THE TIME. (It makes it really hard to be firm with him when he bites!)

Yes, you read that correctly -- this once shy little fur ball has quite a bite. Once he's riled up, he's grabbing toes, knees, fingers, and arms, and he's wiggling and prancing and yipping and having a grand ol' time. He's even munched on my hair! He did make me bleed today when he jumped up to chase his rope toy and snagged my inner arm instead. Still, I couldn't get mad with that cute little puppy face looking back at me!

(Oh, and Bear got to meet my folks today. They love him!)