The following are questions we receive whenever we go out with Bear.

What's its name?


Boy or girl?


What breed of dog is Bear?


He has very unusual coloring!

He's a blue merle parti.

How old is he?

Three months.

The following are questions that have not been asked yet but may be of interest.

Where does Bear sleep?


What's his date of birth?

May 17th, 2012.

How much does he weigh right now?

Six pounds.

How big is Bear going to be?

Twelve pounds.

Is Bear AKC Registered?

He will be soon!

Does he have a show name?

Not yet. (Suggestions are welcome, but must include the world "Mystical"!)

Will you show him?

Nope! Once he's old enough, we're going to have him neutered.

Where did you get Bear?

Kathee of Mystical Pomeranians in La Grange, CA.

Where can I learn more about the merle gene?

Kathee has a great information page about the merle gene on her website.

How long did it take you to find a pomeranian?

Months! Months and months of frustrating searches and a lot of dead ends. Patience is key.

What possessed you to start a blog for your dog? Isn't that a little, well, pretentious?

Maybe, maybe not. I made this blog to streamline all of Bear's photos and make them available to everyone who asked for them. Had I not made this blog, I would be sending picture-heavy emails to multiple people multiple times a week. Plus, it's fun! (He's a cute dog and people generally like looking at cute dogs!)